The mission is my medium.

Currently I am a part of IDEO’s Design for Learning team, where I work as an interaction designer to build digital tools that facilitate more engaging learning experiences for students of all ages. I am passionate about translating educational content into relatable experiences for audiences be it in physical or digital space, and am particularly interested in driving progress across the public sector.

Born and raised in Chapel Hill, I grew up with a love for museums, community theater, and the liberal arts. These interests led me first to UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism, then on to a degree in Graphic Design from North Carolina State University. During my time as a college student I worked in the Smithsonian Institution studying how to design educationally diverse and enriching exhibits for museum-goers, and with my university to build a digital curriculum that cultivates students’ higher order skills in critical and creative thinking.

In my spare time I return to my love for the arts, by visiting new museums, dancing in amateur troupes, and dabbling in collage, and also care deeply about issues related to civic health, social justice, and equity in design and tech.


I also love personality tests. I love spotting and sifting through broad patterns in my psyche that give insight into my personality.

A data-made self-portrait

Below are my results for three personality instruments, the Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and Change Style Indicator. As fun as it is to nerd-out to these results, they are only indicators of preferences, not behavioral limitations.

myers briggs personality test diagram


Think, think, think

Much like Pooh Bear, I think-think-think constantly. No interaction is too small, no service too big to ponder. All the world’s a menagerie of systems waiting to be analyzed and understood. Discerning these players and their parts is a game that never gets old.

enneagram personality diagram


Knowledge is power

Even more than a power, knowledge is a basic right. I do my Founding Fathers proud and always exercise this right: I observe, I study, I question, I repeat. This personality type is complemented by a strong commitment to social justice.

change style indicator personality results


Get to the heart of the matter

Change never strikes the same way twice. It can be unpredictable or highly anticipated, unexpected or a constant cycle. As a Pragmatist I advocate for change that is a functional and honest solution to the current problem, with a healthy disregard for rules or existing structures that may limit an effective solution.